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© 2018 Adversity Management, LLC

Disclaimer: Adversity Management, LLC provides advisory services only.  We do not manage your risk and our services are not audit services as defined by US or foreign regulatory entities or professional associations.

Adversity Management

Extinction-Level Risk.  Stay Alive.
Our Concept

We provide advisory services in a specialized area of risk management – the avoidance of outright failure or other catastrophic outcomes for financial companies and portfolios.

The standard metrics and techniques used for general risk management are not necessarily effective in managing Extinction-level Risk  - ELR.  Meanwhile, the techniques used for ELR management can be used more broadly for qualitative risk reduction.

There are also obvious compliance and regulatory components to ELR management and we will assist our clients in identifying and addressing situations where these are relevant.

Our People

Stephen Gould, the CEO and founder of Adversity Management, has over 30 years’ experience in capital markets and finance across a very wide range of products and functions. He has had risk management experience at Morgan Stanley and Deloitte, among others, and has taught high-level risk management seminars to senior banking professionals.

We have a network of highly-experienced risk management professionals to provide ELR services

There is an English word for a hypothetical risk.  That word is "risk".

Last updated: 12 November 2018